April 24th, 2014


    Photo By Marcelo Shiniti


May 17th  “Virada Cultura SP”

June 14th “Exploring the Metal Fest”

June 21th  @ Cavera Velha /Jandira

Our new video from “Gory” is on the way !

Check it Out the  new song:


CHERRY was invited to the celebration of 20 Years of punk band GRITANDO HC ! Look  some photos from Punk na Pascoa Festival” @ Hangar 110

last weekend!


Photos By Bianca Belli

Back To Hell

April 3rd, 2014

Back to Hellreharsing !










   #Manic Panic/US   #HateBuckerGuitarPickUp  #EspaçoSomStudios







Hellsakura # Gig

March 27th, 2014

Go MetalHeads Go Grinders


We will be with our friends from Forbidden Ideas  doing the wildest show in this life
#Squat #Zapata


March 16th, 2014

Cherry_The Casualities

#Rick #Jake_Kolatis #Herrera #Cherry #Mark

Cherry meeting The Casualties at Inferno

Jam session with Gritando HC #20 on Years Celebration party#guest

Cherry_Gritando3                                                                                            1798452_509944779115018_1970002305_n                                                                                                                      #Rich #Lee #Dio #Cherry #Tony

 On rehearsal #Espaco Som #SickMInd

Sick clothes

After Reh More Beer More FoodDSC_0085(1)

Pivo                                                                                                                                              #Pivo








More Food More Biru after rehearsal


January 14th, 2014


 Walking around the Sickmind!

After rehearsal went to the Sick MInd Store #biru #skulls #high voltage

#testing new hatebuckers #guitar #pickup



CherryHeavyMetaroCherryHatebucker1 wingsHellatsick


January 1st, 2014

 明けましておめでとう!Very best 2014 for all!

Thanks for the support last 2013
#Tumba Rec  #Karasu Killer  #ManicPanic # SickMind #Mass Prod #Destroyer #Produssom #Friends #Goats #A.venues #Killerbands

Hellsakura promo 2013

Hellsakura new album for 2014

December 29th, 2013

 We’re ending the year  with the pre-production of the new Hellsakura  album! It’s a long time… since 2011!

It’s  now more than time to overcome the chaos ,the revenge of the planet ,your pure mind , and the weak corpse…and maybe transform these in music..
Thanks for the support to Tumba Recs , Karasu Killer,Mass Prod  and our partners Manic Panic and Sick Mind.


New songs and changes are always ready to Chaos in 2014!

  Want to see a bit of Hell rehearsal? 


#New Song




写真 Go Metal



Blood Red #Manic Panic

erry rocking @ Blackmore Pub

Cherry Donida san & St Denis #Pub #Biru写真Donida san

17 Years Of Chaos

November 28th, 2013

This is the name of the release  party for the DVD box of our friends from NervoChaos.
Check it out some cool phot
os !

Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco


Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco



Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco

Photo By Pri Secco



Hellsakura NervoChaos Necropsya

November 18th, 2013

Edu  Chtis & Donifa San

Edu Chtis & Donifa San

Hellsakura NervoChaos & MetalMidia

Hellsakura NervoChaos & MetalMidia

Trek & Denis

Trek & Denis



Hellsakura plalying @ "NervoCh

Hellsakura Necropsya & Nervochaos @Sao Carlos

Hellsakura Necropsya & Nervochaos @Sao Carlos


Hellkura NervoChaos & MetalMidia

Hellkura NervoChaos & MetalMidia




With Debora & Rodrigo - MetalMedia

With Debora & Rodrigo – MetalMedia



Napalm  Denis  & Felipe Nervochaos

Napalm Denis & Felipe Nervochaos







October 24th, 2013

Demon arigatou for visiting our web site!

We uploaded one new song #”Gory” on SOUND CLOUD with Guiller“Nervo Chaos” guest on vocals!
The next  #Hellsakura album will be released on 2014!

"GORY" Photo session with Pedro Campos

Photo session with Pedro Campos

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